General diary entries


So, after 3 days at work (2 of them 12.5 hours), I was faced with three days of cleaning the house for one of it’s annual rental inspections.


I’m so tired and I’ve got three days of work ahead of me (2 of them 12.5 hours)
I got absolutely no help from anyone in my attempt to keep the roof over our heads.

I tell a lie, my Mum came round and ironed my uniforms for me.
Oh yeah, Ian eventually emptied some bins and tightened the screws on the towel rail when it became obvious I was not happy with his lack of doing ‘anything’.

I finished mid-aftenoon today and had a few hours to myself in which I fell asleep in the bath!
So, I’m going to pick a movie and head on up to the bedroom.
I don’t give a stuff what Ian’s watching.
Get ready for some more fireworks!!

Oh yeah!! LOOK AT THAT COUNTDOWN! 39 days!!! WHOOHOO!!!

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