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Placements, transfers and dragons, Oh My!!

So! October is out of the way.
I passed my Anatomy and Physiology exam with 74% giving me an A-.
I’m very happy.

I should be hearing about the results on my reflective case study essay any day now and I have a few more weeks to wait for the result on my project preparation report.
Fingers crossed I pass both.
I really don’t want to have to re-work them. I just want a breather for a while.
My next and final essay of the year is not due until Dec 18th but it’s probably the toughest one to write so far so will need all  my attention. I can’t be doing with having to worry about re-writes!!

Anyway, placements continue.
I’m in my second set and they are all in adult mental health.
So far they are going well. I actually really enjoyed myself yesterday with the crisis team. I look forward to being with them again next week.

Today I got to do something I never get to do at work. I got to transfer a patient to another hospital.
A simple transfer that just needed an escort. It was a good experience and I got to see Addenbrookes, a hospital I’ve never been to before.
The only downside was I had to start work an hour and a half early so I was up before 04:30 am in time to have a milky coffee before getting into work for 6am.

Anyway, that was work and Uni over the last few weeks.
In my private life a snap decision was made this week. I found Imagine Dragons having a tour and I just LOVE Imagine Dragons.
Mum and Dad agreed to get me and Ian tickets for a show at the O2 in London next year for our Xmas present and after Ian agreed to it as well, it was a done deal.
Tickets were purchased!! Can’t wait to get me some of this!

We’ve decided that because the show is so near to Ian’s birthday, we’re going to make a few days of it and have booked three night in a hotel down the road.
We love going to London. This time around we’re going to see if there’s a theatre show we can see last minute.
I would also like to go back to the Picturehouse Central. Beautiful cinema.

Anyway, back to tonight and bed I think.
Got to be up early again for work tomorrow.

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