Month: November 2017


Plans for annual leave have not gone as planned so far.

My first day on Friday was spent with a checkup visit to the dentist.
All went well as it usually does, I’m pretty lucky with my teeth.
I also felt like I was brewing a cold. Typical!!

However, I woke up that morning feeling like I may also have the start of a UTI.
We’re pretty hot on that in this house considering the kids histories, so after checking my own sample I new I was definately brewing something.
I checked myself into the walk in centre at 11am and at 13:00 I was STILL waiting to be seen.
Unfortunately I had to get Murron to the hospital for a booked scan so I had to check myself out.
I got back to the centre at 14:30 and the receptionist booked me back in as if I had never left so it looked like I’d been waiting 3 and a half hours. I got seen very quickly.

Saturday arrived and so did the full on cold!!
I did some tidying around the house and plans were made to de-clutter before Xmas.
These plans involved a trip to Ikea on Sunday.

Unfortunately, on Sunday, Murron also thought she was coming down with a UTI and as she’s be hospitalised in the last year because of them, we checked a sample and got her straight to the walk in centre.
Another 2 hour wait.

Anyway, we finally made our way to Milton Keynes where we stopped off at the Music Kavern to get Murron’s Xmas presents.
She’s been totally spoilt this year.
New Ukelele and a new guitar.
I don’t mind. She enjoys playing them and doing open mic nights and I like to hear her play.

We finally got home with 2 new cabinets from Ikea to re-organise our movie (Star Wars) collection.
The living room is looking less cluttered and things are finally looking more organised.

Monday, I started to do preparation for tonights Gentleman’s Grub Club and I waited for a Tesco delivery of Xmas drink and nibbles.

Today I had to do a placement with the Psychiatric Liaison Service and now I am home to do final preparation for Gentleman’s Grub Club.

What is Gentleman’s Grub Club? I hear you ask.
One of Murron’s friends, a really cool dude called Stan, usually hosts it at his place on a Tuesday evening.
It consists of lots of food, drink, jamming and fun.
Tonight, I will be hosting it with Murron.
We have made a wonderful stew, we are making herby philadephia smothered chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and we will be serving with cauliflower cheese and herby baked baby potatoes.
Starters is a garlic soup and pudding is Eton mess!! If we make it that far!

Tomorrow, I have a 3 hour sitting for my most ambitious tattoo yet! I haven’t even seen the final design yet so I may be changing my mind!!

Thursday I will be getting all the Xmas decs out and sorting out my own trees before I have to decorate my Mums’ and my Auntie Karen’s on Friday!

After that, I really MUST get my final essay done.
I’ve wasted way too much time procrastinating over it.
I want it done and dusted before I go back to work.

So, not exactly wasted my time off so far, just not gone as expected.


The last two years have been a real eye opener for me personally.
All things LGBT have been questioned and I have gone looking for answers.
In my quest for answers, I have found some amazing people.
Riyadh Khalaf –
Melanie Murphy.
Hannah Witton.
Calum McSwiggan.
To name but a few.

This weekend sees the launch of #RainbowLaces.

Go to Twitter, check out the hashtag to find out all about it.
It is aimed at sport.
Whether you want to participate or support, whether you are lesbian, gay, bi, trans or whatever you identify as…. sport should be for ‘EVERYONE’!!
No one should feel left out or afraid because of who they are!!

My rainbow laces are still in the post but this weekend is their official launch.
Football and rugby club teams have all had rainbow laces for their matches and some have even had pitch flag changed to rainbow flags this weekend and Wembley Stadium has even been lit up in rainbow colours to show support and re-iterate that sport is for ‘EVERYONE’.

We can beat the hate. Together we can make a change.


So, Thursday was my last Long Day shift before just over two weeks of annual leave.
I don’t go back to work until the 11th December which is only two days before I get to see ‘The Force Awakens’ followed by a midnight showing of ‘The last Jedi’

Every year since going back to work I have taken the last week in November and the first week in December as annual leave to allow me to prepare for Xmas.
By the time I go back to work everything will be done.
Presents will be bought and wrapped.
Xmas food and drink will be bought and prepared.
Xmas decorations will be up and the house will be organised and tidy.

The only downside to this year is that I still have to attend my placements for my University course on both Tuesdays and I also have my final essay to write and reference.
Yeah, and I’m also fighting off a cold.

Yesterday was a nightmare.
I had a dental checkup in the morning which went fine and got the usual ‘come back in 6 months for a checkup’ result.
I woke up suspecting I was brewing a UTI and decided to check in with the walk in centre.
Now, bare in mind, I needed to get Murron to the hospital for a scan at 13:45.
I checked into the medical centre at 11am.
I had to tell them I was leaving to make a hospital appointment.
Thankfully, when I checked back in at 14:30, they checked me in as if I hadn’t left and it looked like I’d been sat there for 3 and half hours!!
I got seen within 5 minutes and I’m now on 3 days of antibiotics.

Not how I planned my first day of annual leave.

Anyway, today I’ve done some shopping and relaxing.
Tomorrow I’ll be spending the day out with Ian.
We are going to re-organise and consolidate our movie collection and hopefully de-clutter the living room a little before Xmas, so a trip to IKEA for some display units is on the books.
Hopefully be getting dinner out too.

Monday is going to be spent on my final essay while I wait for a Tesco delivery of Xmas drinks and snacks and I also need to prepare for Gentleman’s Grub Club on Tuesday evening.

Yes, Gentlman’s Grub Club.
I’ve been talked into ‘hosting’ Gentleman’s Grub Club.
Simply put, Murron’s friend ‘Stan the Man’ will be giving up his usual host of the event for me and Murron to host for a change.
Lots of food, booze and jamming.
Should be interesting.


I have no clue!
As long as I have my essay finished and I’m Xmas ready, I don’t care how the next two weeks go.



I had two new house guests arrive today!!!

Hux and Kylo

Lifesize Kylo and Hux. I feel like a midget!!
I also feel like I’m being judged everytime I walk into my living room.

Hux and Kylo 2

I mean, just look at that sneer on Hux’s face!
The pair of them watch you as you walk across the room.
It’s quite unnerving.

I don’t care. They are adding to our rapidly expanding collection.
We had intended to collect general film memorabilia but the living room and dining room have been taken over with Star Wars memorabilia at the moment.



So, I got the result for my second to last essay today and I got an A-!
I am so happy with this result.
I must admit I was feeling a bit dubious about this one but I needn’t have worried.

I now have to get through this last essay of the year, so the plan of action is as follows…..

I have a day off tomorrow which I’m going to enjoy.
I am going to relax and play on the computer and maybe treat myself a little with nibbles.
Thursday is a long day at work and then I have some annual leave, but even though I have annual leave, I still have to attend my placements for this Uni course on Tuesdays.
It’s a pain, but if I don’t attend them I just have to make the hours up in my own spare time and my spare time is a premium at the moment.

So! The first few days will be spent trying to crack this last essay.
If I am successful, I can let the Xmas Nazi loose!

It’s going to be a good few weeks.
Final essay finished.
Tattoo number three and the biggest one yet on the 29th.
Xmas decs up and shopping done.
Then I can truly look forward to……….

You guessed it…….

The Last Jedi!!!!

Look at that countdown.
At this time in 22 days, I will getting ready to watch Force Awakens before settling into a midnight showing of The Last Jedi.

Can you tell I’m a little bit excited?


OK, there may be some spoilers so if you haven’t seen the film yet don’t go any further.






You’ve been warned!





Ok, if you’ve got this far and want to continue, I am not to blame if you feel the film has been spoiled for you.

Anyway, for the most part, I enjoyed Justice League.
The film was fast paced and never dull.
The dry one-liners from Alfred were amusing.
I have just got to say that Ben Afleck is looking FINE!

bruce wayne

I love Barry Allen! Ezra Miller is adorable as the Flash and I can’t wait to see his standalone movie in 2020! (WHY SO LONG?!!!)
When he told Bruce Wayne that ‘he needed friends’, I just wanted to hug him.


Arthur Curry is HOT! Aquaman is going to be an interesting one to see in his standalone movie next year.
Jason Momoa has gone from gorgeous to STEAMING!!


What more can a girl ask for in a movie?
A kick Ass female.
I know I was a bit dubious about Gal Gadot when I first found out she was going to be playing the role of Wonder Woman, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.


wonder woman

What about Superman? I hear you ask.

Here’s the sticking point of the movie for me.
As regular followers of my blog will know, I love Henry Cavill.
What’s not to like?

However, Warner Bros have messed up royally.

This summer, Justice League had some re-shoots and for some reason there was a decision to change the story and the look of the final film and it looks like a lot of cool scenes were cut and some rushed scenes added.
By the time they needed to do this filming, Henry had grown an impressive moustache for his upcoming role in M:I 6 – Mission Impossible and paramount would not let him shave it.
So some bright spark, or should I say ‘complete twat’ at Warner Bros decided that, instead of going with what they had, and would probably have been an even more incredible movie, their only option was to CGI the lower half of Henry’s face which is probably about 90% of his scenes in Justice League!!
To say it made Henry look ridiculous is an understatement and it was really distracting from the movie, right from the very first scene.

superman wierd

If I was Henry, I would be thinking twice about signing anymore contracts with Warner Bros. The CGI was terrible!! and made him the laughing stock of the movie.

So there you have it, a bit of a love hate review for this one. If it hadn’t been for that ludicrous decision to CGI Henry’s face, it probably would have been a love love review.