I had two new house guests arrive today!!!

Hux and Kylo

Lifesize Kylo and Hux. I feel like a midget!!
I also feel like I’m being judged everytime I walk into my living room.

Hux and Kylo 2

I mean, just look at that sneer on Hux’s face!
The pair of them watch you as you walk across the room.
It’s quite unnerving.

I don’t care. They are adding to our rapidly expanding collection.
We had intended to collect general film memorabilia but the living room and dining room have been taken over with Star Wars memorabilia at the moment.



So, I got the result for my second to last essay today and I got an A-!
I am so happy with this result.
I must admit I was feeling a bit dubious about this one but I needn’t have worried.

I now have to get through this last essay of the year, so the plan of action is as follows…..

I have a day off tomorrow which I’m going to enjoy.
I am going to relax and play on the computer and maybe treat myself a little with nibbles.
Thursday is a long day at work and then I have some annual leave, but even though I have annual leave, I still have to attend my placements for this Uni course on Tuesdays.
It’s a pain, but if I don’t attend them I just have to make the hours up in my own spare time and my spare time is a premium at the moment.

So! The first few days will be spent trying to crack this last essay.
If I am successful, I can let the Xmas Nazi loose!

It’s going to be a good few weeks.
Final essay finished.
Tattoo number three and the biggest one yet on the 29th.
Xmas decs up and shopping done.
Then I can truly look forward to……….

You guessed it…….

The Last Jedi!!!!

Look at that countdown.
At this time in 22 days, I will getting ready to watch Force Awakens before settling into a midnight showing of The Last Jedi.

Can you tell I’m a little bit excited?


OK, there may be some spoilers so if you haven’t seen the film yet don’t go any further.






You’ve been warned!





Ok, if you’ve got this far and want to continue, I am not to blame if you feel the film has been spoiled for you.

Anyway, for the most part, I enjoyed Justice League.
The film was fast paced and never dull.
The dry one-liners from Alfred were amusing.
I have just got to say that Ben Afleck is looking FINE!

bruce wayne

I love Barry Allen! Ezra Miller is adorable as the Flash and I can’t wait to see his standalone movie in 2020! (WHY SO LONG?!!!)
When he told Bruce Wayne that ‘he needed friends’, I just wanted to hug him.


Arthur Curry is HOT! Aquaman is going to be an interesting one to see in his standalone movie next year.
Jason Momoa has gone from gorgeous to STEAMING!!


What more can a girl ask for in a movie?
A kick Ass female.
I know I was a bit dubious about Gal Gadot when I first found out she was going to be playing the role of Wonder Woman, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.


wonder woman

What about Superman? I hear you ask.

Here’s the sticking point of the movie for me.
As regular followers of my blog will know, I love Henry Cavill.
What’s not to like?

However, Warner Bros have messed up royally.

This summer, Justice League had some re-shoots and for some reason there was a decision to change the story and the look of the final film and it looks like a lot of cool scenes were cut and some rushed scenes added.
By the time they needed to do this filming, Henry had grown an impressive moustache for his upcoming role in M:I 6 – Mission Impossible and paramount would not let him shave it.
So some bright spark, or should I say ‘complete twat’ at Warner Bros decided that, instead of going with what they had, and would probably have been an even more incredible movie, their only option was to CGI the lower half of Henry’s face which is probably about 90% of his scenes in Justice League!!
To say it made Henry look ridiculous is an understatement and it was really distracting from the movie, right from the very first scene.

superman wierd

If I was Henry, I would be thinking twice about signing anymore contracts with Warner Bros. The CGI was terrible!! and made him the laughing stock of the movie.

So there you have it, a bit of a love hate review for this one. If it hadn’t been for that ludicrous decision to CGI Henry’s face, it probably would have been a love love review.


The rarely seen Adam smile.
Happy 34th birthday Cinnamon Roll!



Right, Marjorie has been successfully dropped off at work and I have finished my morning cuppa.
The walk I was planning has gone out the window.


I am feeling confident about getting some of this bloody essay done today.
There’s just one thing I have to get of my chest first.


It’s insane how much I love and admire this man.
He is precious both inside and out.
He is humble and down to earth and extremely giving.
I want to see his career go from strength to strength for years to come.


I just can’t get motivated!!
I think I managed about 50 words today with one reference!

I got up at 07:15 to take Marjorie to work and I┬áspent the rest of the day eating crap, drinking booze and sitting on my arse watching a lovely film called ‘Shelter’ and playing on my computer.
My motivation for anything has disappeared completely.
I’m beginning to feel crap and bloated again. The weight has started to creep up after all the hard work I put in for Italy, so it’s time to buck my ideas up.

I’ll be getting up early again tomorrow to take Marjorie to work. I think I’ll go for a walk when I get home to clear the cobwebs.
I really must get some of this essay done tomorrow and I need to think about kickstarting the diet and exercise again.

I really don’t know what the issue is.
I feel great when I’ve lost a little weight, the exercise makes me feel good and I feel more comfortable in my clothes.
So WHY do I always lose motivation and go back to square one?!!

It always happens around this time of year too which makes me think that the lack of daylight may have something to do with it.
When I’m working, I go to work in the dark and I finish and come home in the dark.
I don’t see any natural light where I work.
When I’m at home, I stick myself on my computer for fun or for Uni work.
The only daylight I get to see is from a 5 minute car trip to Tesco.

So right now I’m feeling a bit Bleh!!
Not good when I have to get this essay done.
At least I have 4 weeks left to do it, so I’m not panicking just yet.

Oh yes, the one bit of excitement in my life?
26 days left until The Last Jedi!!


After an extremely busy few weeks at work and a bit of a break from Uni work, I find myself with three days off in a row.

I had a plan which involved spending most of that time writing my last essay of the year.
I wanted to get it finished or practically finished before my annual leave in a weeks time so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

However, today had different plans.
I started with a sleep in and wasn’t showered and dressed until 09:30.
Mum was round by the time I came downstairs and as she isn’t the quietest person in the world and can talk for England when she wants to, getting any essay work done was not going to happen.

I decided to plan meals for the next three days and went to Tesco to get what was needed.

Then I escorted Marjorie to Triple Ace Tattoo studio after college for her first (and probably last) tattoo. A simple heart on her wrist for Nanny Grissle. So I now have mine behind my ear, Murron has hers on the back of her neck and Marjorie has hers on her left wrist. Just Dharma left to get one now in around 3 years.
I took the oportunity to get my free colour touch up on my butterfly that I had done around 2 years ago. I’ve been meaning to pop in for the last year to get it done but just never found the time, so today I took my opportunity.

I have just finished making a lasagne for dinner and we are now waiting for Ian to get home from work. He has a little work to do when he gets in and then we are off to see Justice League!!

So! No essay work today then.
Ho Hum.