General diary entries


It’s been a very odd day.

I was at work for 07:30 this morning for a long day today and I was expecting my mentor to be there because she said she would be.
This was important to me today because I needed a Mentor Verification form signed so that I could submit my next report before the deadline on Monday at 10 am.
I get to work only to discover she’s on annual leave until Monday!!!!
After a slight panic attack, I messaged her and thankfully she was able to pop onto the ward and sign my form. To say that I love her is an understatement!!
So my report is now submitted and I can breath again.

Work was busy which is not unusual but today I had the added worry of finding out that my eldest daughter had called her Dad home from work to be taken to A+E.
The crippling pain she had last week was back with a vengeance.
She’s flumoxed the surgeons.
Blood tests are clear. X-ray is clear. Her symptoms aren’t following any patterns for anything. There is a ‘possibility’ she has a burst ovarian cyst and also she ‘may’ have passed a kidney stone!
Anyway, she’s home now with some happy pills and is waiting for a couple of outpatient scans to come through. Only time will tell what is actually wrong but at least she’s not admitted.

Mid afternoon I found out that I had passed my Anatomy and Physiology exam I took on Monday. After all the worry about not studying enough I actually ended up with 74% which gave me an A-.
Chuffed is an understatement.


I am off for the next two days and I am actually looking forward to doing some ‘normal’ Mummy stuff.
Gutting the eldest daughters bedroom is top of the list.
Is it very sad to say I’m actually looking forward to it?
I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have to worry about University work.

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