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Something I like to indulge in occasionally is Gymnastics.
Not personally, although I did do it as a child. Vaulting was my thing if you can believe that!!
No, I like to watch big events like the Olympics and the World championships.
What the gymnasts of today can do absolutely astounds me.
That, and the fact that the men are ‘built’ doesn’t hurt!!

The recent World championships in Montreal were amazing, although one moment shone out for me.
Dutchman and Olympic champion and 2 time world champion, Epke Zonderland made an error during his performance. An error that he turned into pure gold (well Silver at least!!).

If you watch this video, at around 0.25 he performs a Kovacs, which he is supposed to catch with both hands. His left hand misses and where most gymnasts would not be able to hang on, he catches with one arm connecting it into a Kovacs + One Arm Giant Swing combination. It has never been seen before and it isn’t listed in the Code of Points so he didn’t get any credit for it. He lost the gold but won silver. Just look at the reaction of his team mate!! It’s hysterical!! and the look on his face as he lands the routine just says it all ‘How the hell did I manage that?!!’

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