General diary entries


I’ve let things slip since coming back from Italy. My diet and exercise has been non existant. I haven’t put any weight back on but I’m feeling bloated and unfit.
When I look at all the wine and snacks that have started re-emerging in the house, it’s hardly surprising.

Before I went away to Italy I was feeling very inspired and the regular walking was making a huge diference to how I felt physically. I think it was also a good way of destressing and getting away from my computer and work, even if it was just for about an hour each day.

So, the next few days will be spent enjoying the last of the snacks and wine before starting back on my diet and walking.

I made a good start on my next essay today. I have three days off this week and my plan is to try and get the essay virtually finished so I can send it to my tutor to have a look at. Then I can concentrate on studying for my Anatomy and Physiology exam on the 23rd.
I will then have about a week left to do any suggested changes or tweeks to my essay before I have to submit it on the 30th.

That’s the plan, but it is all highly dependent on life not throwing me a curve ball in the meantime.

Time to have an early night, snuggle up and watch Wonder Woman with Ian.

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