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So! last week was rubbish!
Sleepless nights, sick kid and husband, little meltdown at Uni, couldn’t find my signed copy of my Mentor verification for my essay and my computer scanner decided it didn’t want to play ball anymore.

Anyway! By the end of the week things were looking up.
Kid and hubby are both fine.
My mentor came into work to see me on Thursday to sign another form, have a chat and read my essay.
I used the scanner at work to copy what was needed to submit with my essay.
I have amazing support from all my work and Uni colleagues.
My essay finally got submitted!

Onto the next one due at the end of the month.
I had a Uni colleague visit yesterday morning to go through what I missed on Monday and I am now feeling a little more optomistic about the next essay.
I also went through an Anatomy and Physiology practice paper and got 82%! Which, again, really put my mind at ease. Still not looking forward to the exam on 23rd.

The next week is not quite so heavy workwise and will give me a good chance to really get cracking with the essay so this weekend has been more about me.

I had my hair cut yesterday and just pottled around doing ‘normal’ mum things and chilled in the evening.
Today, I have a little work to do before Uni tomorrow but essentially the day is mine to do as I wish.

It’s Murron’s 20th birthday today and she has organised a gathering at one of her favourite watering holes in town.
Burlesque or 50’s pinup theme for the girls and suited and booted for the boys.
I will be going for a few hours to take in the spectacle.

Right now it’s milky coffee and computer play time.
The house is silent and I’m going to enjoy it.

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