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So today didn’t quite go to plan.

The thought of what lays ahead with work, but especially Uni work this month made for a few sleepless nights and then when Murron became ill and potentially heading back into hospital like she did at the beginning of last year, it all became a little too much and after making it all the way to Uni for 9am the floodgates opened and I had a little meltdown and got sent home.

Anyway, meltdown is done!!
Murron is fine. She’s bounced back very quickly thankfully.
Time to pull myself together and get this month out of the way.

I am just about finished with my current essay. The plan is to actually finish it tomorrow and get it submitted. That will be the first hurdle done.

I then need to start my next essay which has to be submitted by the end of the month.
I have a uni colleague coming over on Saturday morning to help me get a feel for how this one is to be written as this is what I missed when I got sent home yesterday!!

I have to balance my essay work time with Anatomy and Physiology study time because I have a 2 hour exam to pass on the 23rd.

I have to do all this and still do shifts at work and actually try and squeeze in a life.
It’s my birthday this month but I will be out on placement. With what I have to do this month, I think any celebration can wait until next month!! I am going out for a few drinks this weekend to celebrate Murron’s 20th so that will have to do.

Right, round 2 of placements starts this morning. Time to get ready and out the door!

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