Month: October 2017


It’s been a very odd day.

I was at work for 07:30 this morning for a long day today and I was expecting my mentor to be there because she said she would be.
This was important to me today because I needed a Mentor Verification form signed so that I could submit my next report before the deadline on Monday at 10 am.
I get to work only to discover she’s on annual leave until Monday!!!!
After a slight panic attack, I messaged her and thankfully she was able to pop onto the ward and sign my form. To say that I love her is an understatement!!
So my report is now submitted and I can breath again.

Work was busy which is not unusual but today I had the added worry of finding out that my eldest daughter had called her Dad home from work to be taken to A+E.
The crippling pain she had last week was back with a vengeance.
She’s flumoxed the surgeons.
Blood tests are clear. X-ray is clear. Her symptoms aren’t following any patterns for anything. There is a ‘possibility’ she has a burst ovarian cyst and also she ‘may’ have passed a kidney stone!
Anyway, she’s home now with some happy pills and is waiting for a couple of outpatient scans to come through. Only time will tell what is actually wrong but at least she’s not admitted.

Mid afternoon I found out that I had passed my Anatomy and Physiology exam I took on Monday. After all the worry about not studying enough I actually ended up with 74% which gave me an A-.
Chuffed is an understatement.


I am off for the next two days and I am actually looking forward to doing some ‘normal’ Mummy stuff.
Gutting the eldest daughters bedroom is top of the list.
Is it very sad to say I’m actually looking forward to it?
I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have to worry about University work.


So this is how my day went…..

Arrived at work to start shift at 07:30.
Receive call from number one daughter about crippling abdominal pain just after handover.
Come home and talk to NHS 111 who advise getting her seen by Doctor within 6 hours.
Get seen. No worries but sent for blood tests just in case.
Get blood test done.
Get anti sickness meds from Pharmacy.
Arrive home.
Find out number three daughter has been sent home not feeling well.
Get back to work for just after midday.
Have a pretty good afternoon.
Get some great reference material for an essay from the Matron.
Make it to 20:00 hours only to realise you were only on an early shift and ‘technically’ could have gone home at 15:30!!!!


Anyway, This weekend will consist of studying Sat and Sun for my exam on Monday but will be broken up by a night out in town with the hubby to see CC Smugglers!!!

Can’t wait.




Only 57 days to go until The Last Jedi hits the big screen.

All the new merchandise is now hitting the shops ready for Xmas and new artwork and tidbits of information weasel their way onto the internet almost on a daily basis.

Musings and theories by other fans continue to cause the occasional ruckus but Disney have done their usual incredible job of keeping the important stuff under wraps. Drip feeding the fandom with the tiniest reveals and keeping them salivating for more.

One of my favourite theories at the moment is to do with Kylo destroying the academy and killing all the students.
After The Force Awakens, everyone was quick to hate on Kylo. His reputation as ‘The Jedi Killer’ was set in stone.


In a new theory, is that reputation really set in stone?
We now know, from the new trailer, that Luke is scared of Rey’s power and stated that he’d seen it only once before. It didn’t scare him enough back then and it does now.

What if Kylo, back at the academy, lost control of his immense power and inadvertantly destroys the academy, killing all the students?
What would that do to him mentally?
Did he run, thinking his family would never accept him for what he’s done?
Did Snoke find him and manipulate him?
It could explain his struggle with the light if he’s not totally convinced by the dark.
Does Kylo struggle with forgiving himself and believe he only deserves the dark?
It would also explain why he was so quick to pick up on Rey’s ability and his offer of help.

If this is the case, it will make giving Kylo a redemption much easier to swallow for all the fans who cannot forgive him for killing Han Solo and his treatment of Rey in Force Awakens.

It’s going to take a lot for Rey to even come close to trusting Kylo again but I have no doubt that she will.
I still believe they will be joining forces (so to speak) but I do not think it will be romantically. I believe that they will need each other to bring their powers under control and I believe that we could be seeing our first ‘grey’ jedi.


I found some new artwork today.
Lightside and darkside standups for cinema foyers.

There is some amazing artwork emerging for the Last Jedi and these are no exception!!
But look closely.
What suddenly strikes you?

Luke is in both of them!! Light and Dark.
light-side 2.jpg

Dark side


And then you realise that the dark side image of Luke is also used in the glorious official poster for the film.

last jedi poster

I really have no clue what twists and turns Rian Johnson has planned for us in this movie.
It’s going to be great!!


So today I had a taste, albeit just a small one, of what the LGBTQ community have to deal with on a daily basis.

I was in town minding my own business when I became aware of a group of very immature teenagers walking behind me.
I will say I was, and hate to say it, dressed in what bigots have classed as ‘stereotypical lesbian’ attire. Plaid shirt, jeans, extremely short hair, tattoos and piercings etc.
It soon became clear that the group were talking and giggling about me.
As I turned around to give them ‘the look’, the lead bitch in the group right out asked me ‘are you a lesbian?!

My brain went… WTF!!!

Without missing a beat I simply replied, ‘why, are you interested?’

I’ve never seen anyone turn that shade of red so quickly and disappear as fast in my life.
Her friends were very amused.

As satisfied as I was with the outcome of this little meeting, it begs the question…
Why the fuck did she think she could ask anyone that question?
It’s nobody’s business what anybody’s sexuality is.
Do we go around asking people if they are heterosexual?

No we don’t.

It’s not surprising really when we have the likes of Donald Trump, who is unfortunately one of the most powerful men on the planet, addressing an anti-lesbian, gay, bi and trans conference.
After repeatedly claiming to be pro-LGBT during his election campaign, President Trump has continuously shown a disregard for the protection and rights of LGBT people.

After joining the group ‘Come Out for LGBT’ my Twitter feed is filled with headlines like…

‘More than two in five trans people, avoid certain streets because they don’t feel safe’

‘One in five LGBT people have experienced a hate crime or incident because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity in the last twelve months.

‘Four in five anti-LGBT hate crimes and incidents go unreported, with younger LGBT people particularly reluctant to go to the police.

I want to cry.
Why can’t people just be left alone to be who they want to be and love who they want to love.
Why are some in other countries imprisoned or even put to death simply because of who they love or how they want to live.

The fact that some couples can’t even hold their partner’s hand in public for fear of repercussions makes my heart bleed.

I really can’t understand it.
It’s not a difficult concept.
It shouldn’t be debated or voted on.
It should just be accepted.
The world would be a much happier place.


Well there’s a morning of essay writing I’m never getting back.

I have some new ‘mandatory’ training to attend at work and we’ve been given a set of dates and times, most of which are on a Monday or a Tuesday which I absolutely cannot do.

So I picked one of the few Wednesdays on offer and went for a morning session so I could work on my essay this afternoon.
I couldn’t get parked at the hospital so I parked in town and walked in.
When I get there I find that this particular ‘drop in’ session has been cancelled!!!
I could come back this afternoon for 15:30 though.


So not only did I lose pressure work time this morning, I now have to take time out of my essay time this afternoon with no guarantee of getting parked at the hospital again.

What a waste of precious time I don’t have.


I’ve let things slip since coming back from Italy. My diet and exercise has been non existant. I haven’t put any weight back on but I’m feeling bloated and unfit.
When I look at all the wine and snacks that have started re-emerging in the house, it’s hardly surprising.

Before I went away to Italy I was feeling very inspired and the regular walking was making a huge diference to how I felt physically. I think it was also a good way of destressing and getting away from my computer and work, even if it was just for about an hour each day.

So, the next few days will be spent enjoying the last of the snacks and wine before starting back on my diet and walking.

I made a good start on my next essay today. I have three days off this week and my plan is to try and get the essay virtually finished so I can send it to my tutor to have a look at. Then I can concentrate on studying for my Anatomy and Physiology exam on the 23rd.
I will then have about a week left to do any suggested changes or tweeks to my essay before I have to submit it on the 30th.

That’s the plan, but it is all highly dependent on life not throwing me a curve ball in the meantime.

Time to have an early night, snuggle up and watch Wonder Woman with Ian.


The frustration of realising that the new Star Wars trailer drops today.
The problem is that it will be airing during Monday night football in America and as America are 5 – 10 hours behind us here in the UK, I won’t get to see it until tomorrow.

My brain is silently screaming….. NOT FAIR!!!