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Why now?

Regular readers will know that back in Feb 2016 I had a Baker Cyst rupture in my right knee unexpectedly and after weeks off work to recover, I slowly got back to normal.
I had regular physio, which I still do to a certain extent.
I still have a maniscal tear and residual cysts in the knee but it has been fine.
I’ve built the strength back up to where I have been power walking 3 – 6km every other day and managing 12.5 hour shifts at work on my feet with no problems.


About a month before I went away to italy, I noticed a niggly pain just below my knee at the top of the shin. It was anoying. It hurt more just mooching around the house or climbing the stairs. It went away with pain relief and I didn’t think much to it. I thought I had just strained something and carried on.

I can’t ignore it any more.
Yesterday at work, something went BIG time and made it very difficult and painful to walk. Especially when just mooching around. Standing by a bed and just turning my body would really catch my breath. Getting up from a chair was agony. Walking the corridors was uncomfortable but I couldn’t push it.

Time to go back to the Doctor and get referred I think.
It’s happened at the wrong time!!
I can’t have time off at the moment. Right in the middle of my Uni course and placements.
The Uni day is not really the issue, I could study at home and liaise with my tutors and I could still make the trip into Uni if needed because I will just be sitting in a class room.
My problem is my placements, if I can’t make placements for whatever reason, I HAVE to make the hours up later and I really don’t want to have to do that.

So, I’m going to have a look at strapping for the knee and continue with pain relief for now and see what the Doctor says.


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