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So, I made it through to day 5 of the detox/fat busting diet.
Yesterday was day 6 and as I sat studying anatomy and physiology, I realised that if I had to eat another bowl of the soup I would probably kill myself , so I decided to end it there.

Day 7 would have been just soup and fruit juice and there was absolutely no way that was EVER going to happen.

To be honest, I have actually dropped about 6-7 pounds!
That means I’m back to what I was before I went away to Italy.
I just need to make sure that I don’t blow it and over indulge.

I treated myself yesterday to some wine, cold cuts, cheese and crackers and after a week of vegetable soup, fruit and veg, it was absolute heaven!!

Today, I’m continuing my studies. I will be having another crack at my reflective essay this afternoon. Really not feeling this one.
I got the results of my biopsychosocial essay yesterday and I passed with a C grade.
I will be honest, after all the work I put into it I’m a little disappointed, I was hoping for at least a B. I really should be happier. I PASSED!!
That’s the main thing. I passed. I ‘should’ be happier.

The plan for dinner tonight is traditional Italian pizza.
There’s nothing store made.
I’ve made my own tomato sauce and I’ve made my own dough that is sitting and ‘hopefully’ rising ready to use later.
I will be putting mushrooms, red onions, pepperoni and prociutto on top with fresh crumbled mozzarella cheese.
The base will be very thin and crispy. None of this deep pan crap.
I’m actually really looking forward to it.

Right, time to hit the books for a few hours.

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