General diary entries


So today was day 4 of the detox fat busting one week diet plan and I really wasn’t feeling it today, although I have lost my holiday weight, so I’m back on track at least.

Day 4 is probably the hardest day as you can literally only eat the soup and 3 bananas.
I’m seriously craving a pig out on ANYTHING to be honest.

But no……

I am going to stick it out.
Tomorrow I get to re-introduce meat into the diet. I can actually have chicken, beef and fish, along with the soup. I can’t tell you how excited I am about that prospect!
I will be driving home from work placement tomorrow at the speed of sound.

Tonight, I think I am going to take a movie to bed and take my mind off of the food the kids are cooking, have an early night and get placement tomorrow out of the way.
I’m back at the nursing home. Woo hoo ….. (Note the sarcasm in the Woo hoo)

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