General diary entries


That’s it… the fun is over.
I’ve had a few weeks off to relax and as much as I tried to get back into work and uni over the last week, it really hasn’t happened yet.

My diet has taken a pounding.
My exercise has been non-existent.
I am struggling with my next uni essay.
My project work for uni has yet to hit paper.
I am completely befuddled by the anatomy and physiology I am supposed to know before my exam on Oct 23rd.

I have taken out my frustration on my garden over the last few days and now it’s time to pull my socks up!!

So, tomorrow, both me and Ian are starting a one week detox, fat burning diet.
I will keep you posted as to how it’s going over the course of the week.

I need to allocate time to each of my uni projects to stop me procrastinating over what I should be doing next.

I need to get off my backside and start my walking again.
I felt great when I did it before my holiday so what’s stopping me from continuing?

Think I might actually have an early night for a change.
I have to be up at 05:30 for a long day at work so I need to try and get my brain to switch off.

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