So, after nearly a week with no Internet service, I’m finally back in the land of the living. 

The first villa in La Cetina was so remote the service was really spotty. I certainly couldn’t use Tumblr and YouTube. Sending the occasional FB status if I was lucky.

Here at Villa Catignano I suddenly have every thing back again and as we can’t check in for another three hours I have decided to do a quick blog.

I have checked off all my boxes for what I wanted to get out of this holiday. I have seen Siena, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano and Florence!

Now it’s time to chill and enjoy my Brother’s wedding here at Villa Catignano over the weekend.

We will be finishing off the holiday with our final day on Monday in Siena with my Brother and his new bride.

So that’s it. I am still alive. I have been keeping a diary that I plan to add photos to and blog when I get home so stay tuned.


So, I have finalised and submitted my next essay two weeks before it’s actually due and now I’m on holiday prep!!

I can’t deny it….. I’m just a tad excited.
Italy, here I come.
10 days, 2 villas, Florence, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, food, wine and a family wedding!!

Oh yeah, no husband and no kids!!

I am thinking about blogging as I go but it highly depends on internet services whilst I’m out there.
If nothing is posted for the next two weeks, look out for one big blog when I get home!!

When I do get home I have two movies with my boys to see.
August 25th sees the release of Logan Lucky with Adam Driver and American Made with Domhnall Gleeson.

Adam and Dom

Do not expect me to be doing anything other than spending the entire day in the cinema.

It is going to be a busy couple of months for Domhnall with not one but 4 film releases to look forward to.
American Made on August 25th
Mother on Sept 15th
Goodbye Christopher Robin on Sept 29th
and of course, Star Wars on Dec 15th

He then has Peter rabbit due in March next year, one film, A Futile and Stupid Gesture, in post production with no release date, Crash Pad with no release date and is currently filming Little Stranger.
He’s been a busy boy!