General diary entries


I’ve just had three days off from work. That may sound odd to some of my work colleagues because they haven’t actually seen me in my own workplace for 9 days!
I was officially in my own workplace on Weds 12th. Last Friday I was on a training day, I had last weekend off, Monday was a Uni day and Tues was a placement day, followed by three days off.

Anyway, it’s actually been kind of nice.
Monday was a bit of a challenge with the maths exam, which I passed!!
Tuesday really didn’t feel like work. Best placement I’ve had yet. Can’t wait to go back next week.
Weds I actually did some ‘normal’ mummy things like cleaning the house and gardening. Tidying up the group presentation at the same time.
Thursday continued in the same way with a trip into town for some holiday bits and pieces and I finalised the group presentation.

Today is going to be chilled.
Me and Ian are going into town to sample the new Wagamama’s and then we are going to go and see Dunkirk.
I have the other members of my group coming over later this evening to (hopefully) rehearse the presentation that we have to give on Monday.

I’m actually back to work for a long day tomorrow! Although I’m on a countdown now for Italy.

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