General diary entries


OK, so this blog is going to be a little boring, I am quite literally sat in bed trying out my new notepad. Familiarising myself with how it all works and this small keypad!

I will be taking this thing to Italy in the hope that I will be able to blog virtually daily and keep a diary of events and photos in real time.

I’m not great, I much prefer my PC with a full keyboard and a mouse. In fact, I’m cheating as I have got a wireless USB mouse attached to this as I can’t stand the stupid little touch pad.

Anyway, I had some good news today. It would appear that I have actually passed my maths exam!
I really am surprised by my result as I really didn’t feel at all confident when I came out of the exam itself.
Combined with the result from my first essay, it would appear that I am running at an overall A- for the course so far. I’m beginning to realise I need to have a little more confidence in myself.

I found something I want for Xmas today,

tie silencer

look at this little beauty,
Kylo’s new limo, the Tie Silencer. I can’t wait to see him piloting this in the Last Jedi.

So, that’s it for tonight. Going to do some channel hopping in the hope of finding something good to watch.

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