General diary entries


So, the last week has been pretty good.
Not that I’ve done anything out of the ordinary, it’s just gone really well.

It started with a huge boost to my ego when I found a note under the wiper blade of my car when I went to go to Uni on Monday.
For one minute I thought one of the neighbours was complaining about me parking across the road from their driveway and then I read the note.
It simply said “Stunningly Beautiful” and left a mobile number.
I had a grin from ear to ear all the way to Uni. I’ve never had anything like that given to me before, even when I was young enough and single enough to do anything about it!

The day just kept getting better.
I got the result back on my first Uni essay. It’s my first time writing academically and with referencing and I was really worried that I’d got it completely wrong.
I was pleasantly surprise when I found out I got 67% which puts me into the top of the B range.
HUGE sigh of relief and a glass (bottle) of wine.
Now onto the next one.

My placement this week was a bit lacklustre. It was with the DVT/anticoagulant team. I learnt a little about why people take Warfarin and how it’s a complete balancing act to keep their levels at the right level. It’s just that it was a lot of pricking fingers, checking the results and then ‘see you next time’ kind of work.
When the clinic went quiet I managed to step in on the Tissue viability nurses for a while which was actually a lot more interesting although their patients are much more time consuming. Anyway, I’m with the children’s community nursing team this coming week and I’m really looking forward to that one.

On Wednesday, I did a little Uni work and then went to the cinema to see Spider-Man: Homecoming. Brilliant film!! Even though Marvel are now beginning to play with us in the extra scenes at the end….. Bastards!

Work went well over the last two days. Busy but well. We’ve had some real characters in over the last few days. Kids coming in for surgeries never fail to make me laugh sometimes and if I can send them home with a smile, that totally makes my day.

Anyway, today I have a few chores to do before I meet up with at least one of my Uni colleagues to discuss a group project we’re working on.
Tomorrow is another long day at work before the week starts with Uni again on Monday.

Living the life of a rock star!!!……NOT

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