General diary entries


So, with the diet back on track, I thought I’d treat myself to a workout DVD.

There was method in my madness.

I chose, Joe Wicks- The Body Coach Workout – From Beginner to Winner.

The reason behind my choice?

Joe Wicks#

C’mon, why wouldn’t you?
A bit of eye candy while you’re working out.

Anyway, the workout includes a warm up and a cool down with seven workouts in between ranging from beginner at 15 minutes to winner at 30 minutes.
You can take as long as you want (days, weeks or, in my case, months) progressing through the stages.

Unfortunately, I could barely make it through the warm up!!
He’s having a laugh!!

That’s just proved how unfit I am but I will not be detered.

Now, where’s the wine and I can carry on watching the DVD!!

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