General diary entries


So, here I am on a Sunday evening. I’ve been sat here all afternoon with the intention of revising for a mock maths exam tomorrow and failing miserably by getting caught up with Watchmojo top tens on Youtube.

I’m not stressing about it. I don’t have to be in Luton for the exam until 13:30 tomorrow so I’ll go over my week points with a cuppa in the morning so it’s fresh in my head.
I only need to get 12 out of 30 correct on the real thing next month too so I have decided that panicking is not the way to go.

Tonight, I’ve decided to bite the bullet with something I’ve had for a few weeks now.
I had a bit of an impulse buy after seeing an advert on Facebook.
It’s for a product called Baby Feet.
I have been putting it off because I was a little worried about if it was safe or not.
I’ve watched a few vlogs about it and have decided to give it a go. What have I got to lose?

So I’m currently sat here with the booties on for the next hour.
I can tell you that the product smells quite nice. Flowery.
The liquid actually feels quite nice squishing around my feet and between my toes.
I’ve had it on for around 30 minutes so far and there’s no unusual sensations that alarm me and want me to take the booties off.
I can also tell you that if your feet are bigger than a size 8, you’ll never get them on!
I’m a 7.5 – 8 in shoes and I only just managed to get the booties on.

Right, time to get the maths work out ready for the morning and continue to relax for the remainder of the evening.
The next few weeks are going to be work, work, work. If I’m not at Uni or on placement or at work, I’ll be giving up all my spare time to get a presentation and a 2500 word essay completed along with a maths exam next month. Just for a little added stress, I have to have my essay submitted 2 weeks early as I’ll be headed off to Italy for 10 days for my Brother’s wedding.

Right, time to drain this bottle and chill.

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