General diary entries


So there are now just over two months to go before I fly out to Italy with the Famalam to celebrate my Brother’s wedding.

Just over two months to get into two dresses that are currently two sizes too small!!

The decision has been made.
I am currently enjoying the last of the lagers from the fridge and there’s no more wine in the house.

As from tomorrow, I plan to be tee-total until August!!
I also plan to give up crisps and savoury snacks and for anyone who knows me, you’ll know just how hard both of those are going to be!

Not only that but I’m giving red meat a wide berth for at least the next month.
If possible I will be avoiding chicken as well.
I will be living in Fish, shellfish, salads, vegetables, fruit, water, more water and sugar free drinks.

I will then be exercising to boost the weight loss and hopefully tone up a little.
I’m not expecting miracles. I won’t be in a bikini in August. I’ve never been a bikini girl and never will be but if I can drop 2 sizes, I’ll be happy.

Up until a week ago, I had been doing really well and dropped a couple of sizes without really trying but over the last week I’ve been a pig. Literally.

I’m an idiot.
I know what to do to lose weight.
It’s now or never.

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