General diary entries


Until half an hour ago things had been going great this weekend.

We had a lovely, if a little breezy, afternoon with the family on Saturday to wish Rhys and Michela all the best as they go off on 7 months of travelling. We actually stayed out longer than we thought we would and had dinner with Mum and Dad. After we got home we pretty much crashed.

Because we had gone to sleep so early on Saturday, we woke up extra early on Sunday.
05:45 to be precise!! Ridiculous for a Sunday.

Anyway, it was probably for the best as we planned to do some major work on hacking back hedges in the garden, both front and back. It was a very hot but productive day. Keiran, one of Murron’s mates, came to help us with a particularly tricky hedge in the back garden. One that I’m just not strong enough to do on my own and one that would probably kill Ian’s shoulder!!
6 dump runs later and we actually got a lot done.
We can now reverse off of the driveway without killing anyone we can’t see.

We went to bed, early again, but actually managed to stay awake to watch ‘Me Before You’.

This morning, I’ve taken things easy with my morning cuppa and playing on Tumblr and FB.
I’ve just gone to start my Uni work and had to change the ink cartridges in my printer only to discover that the black cartridge is a duffer and won’t work!!!

I have so much printing to do!!
Ian has been sent to get it changed while I try and calm down and work on my essay that I would like to have finished today.

I am bristling.
Don’t think the PMS is helping!!!
The new cartridge had better work or there’s going to be violence!!

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