General diary entries


It had been a good week up to a couple of hours ago.

Uni on Monday dishing out more assignment briefs.
First placement on Tuesday.
Work in my own workplace on Thursday.
Celebrating a friend’s birthday on Friday.

The plan today was to have a day off and then get some work done on my 1st essay tomorrow but I was getting itchy fingers and decided to have a bit of a catch up with things on my portfolio today.

I got prepped for Uni on Monday and then noticed a communication about my group’s community placements only to find out that all my community placements are in Luton and not Bedford!!

We have all these services in Bedford. They couldn’t organise anything in Bedford for the Bedford students?

Then I started to have a little panic attack as I look at all the assignments that have been thrown at us so far and how much I haven’t done yet.

After my little wobble started to calm down a little I looked at things a bit more logically.

I will be doing a lot of work on my first essay tomorrow. Hopefully the bulk of it will be done and it will then be a case of checking and double checking the referencing.

The other assignments are due at various stages across the rest of the year.
We have simply been given the briefs so we can start to think about them.
I think I will need to spend some time with my Mentor to discuss what direction to take with each of them.

As for the placements. I’m just going to have to put up with them and make sure I claim for every penny I can!!
It’s still going to be a serious pain the bum travelling an extra day to Luton each week though.

So now I have the mother of all headaches!!
Where’s the wine?

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