General diary entries


So today was my first ‘placement’ for my Foundation Degree.
It was spent in a nursing home.

Having never worked with adults before, I literally felt like a fish out of water.
I spent my first day on the rehabilitation unit and thankfully, most of my time was spent ‘shadowing’ two very friendly care assistants as they went about their usual routine.

It was an interesting day, to say the least.
At all times, dignity was a priority. What the patient ‘wanted’ was also a priority if it didn’t conflict with what they needed.

I look forward to my next day when I can hopefully get a little more involved.

Tomorrow I plan to do a little work on my 1st essay.
I may nip into town for a little retail therapy. Got a party Friday night and would like something with a little more pizazz!! We’ll see.

Tonight, I plan to finish this bottle of wine and relax.

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