General diary entries


So it’s been a fairly productive week.

It started off well with Uni on Monday giving me a reassurance that I’m actually going in the right direction with my essay.

I had a study day at work where I managed to get most of my annual required updates completed.

I did a self defence class required for my community placements over the next two years.
That was fun and a bit of an eye opener as to what I could potentially be facing.

Friday was an actual work day and was unusually quiet!!
Typical, one of the first days I didn’t take my Uni file into work. I could have got loads done.
Important lesson learnt!!
Don’t miss an opportunity to get Uni work done. Especially while I’ve got my co-workers for inspiration and advice!!

Saturday was a day off with the hubby and we decided to go to MK for the day.

We started with a movie. Alien: Covenant.
It was actually pretty good even if a little predictable with the final scene.
Michael Fassbender was brilliant….. as usual.

Then we went shopping.
I wanted to look at dresses for my brother’s wedding in Italy in August and I actually found a style I liked. I tried on a couple in my current size and then bought both of them 2 sizes smaller!!!


The challenge is on.
Lots of exercise and being careful what I eat over the next 3 months.
Very doable but going to be a challenge.
(The packet of crisps and bottle of wine I’m treating myself to today is not a good start!!)

After shopping we went out for dinner.
We discovered the restaurant district in MK and were totally spoilt for choice.
Steak houses, bars, French, Italian, Chinese, Carribean, Turkish…..phew!
We eventually decided on a scottish seafood restaurant. Loch Fyne.
MMmmmm…. will definately be going there again.

On the way home we popped into PC World to look at Laptop possibilities for me.
I ended up getting myself a little laptop that is going to come in extremely handy over the next two years.
I just need to learn how to make the most of it.
It’s a cute little ASUS Transformer Mini
So it can be used as a Laptop or a Tablet.

Today got off to a lazy start.
I did a quick trip to Tesco to get a few things.
I’ve worked on this blog and now I am going to spend the entire afternoon working my way through all my notices and bits and pieces on my portfolio and then I’m going to do a little work on my essay.

Assassins Creed and La La Land both come out on Bluray tomorrow…… what a combination!

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