General diary entries


Finally!!! It’s official.
I am now a student.
I finally have access to everything the Uni has to offer including my own online portfolio.

Uni Reg

Look at that cheesy grin.
Like it or not, that’s my ID for the next 2 years.

Today has been very chilled I think.
Spent the morning with the whole group getting registered. My little cohort of chums got through fairly quickly which meant a leisurly 3 hour gap before our afternoon with the librarian.
Loads of time for chatting and getting to know each other a little better.

The sun was shining and the view was stunning.

Uni sun

Maybe talking about my fan-fiction writing wasn’t a great idea!!

Anyway, This afternoon we were shown around the portfolio and how to access various things.
Then we went over referencing in a little more detail and surprisingly, it’s making more sense!!

I actually had a go at referencing the first line of my essay at work on Monday and I showed it to the lecturer today.
After her talk, I immediately picked up on a couple of my own mistakes and she made another suggestion so all in all, I don’t think I did too bad!!

Now I just have to tackle the rest of the essay.
Only another 1400 words to go!! Woohoo!!

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