Month: May 2017


So there are now just over two months to go before I fly out to Italy with the Famalam to celebrate my Brother’s wedding.

Just over two months to get into two dresses that are currently two sizes too small!!

The decision has been made.
I am currently enjoying the last of the lagers from the fridge and there’s no more wine in the house.

As from tomorrow, I plan to be tee-total until August!!
I also plan to give up crisps and savoury snacks and for anyone who knows me, you’ll know just how hard both of those are going to be!

Not only that but I’m giving red meat a wide berth for at least the next month.
If possible I will be avoiding chicken as well.
I will be living in Fish, shellfish, salads, vegetables, fruit, water, more water and sugar free drinks.

I will then be exercising to boost the weight loss and hopefully tone up a little.
I’m not expecting miracles. I won’t be in a bikini in August. I’ve never been a bikini girl and never will be but if I can drop 2 sizes, I’ll be happy.

Up until a week ago, I had been doing really well and dropped a couple of sizes without really trying but over the last week I’ve been a pig. Literally.

I’m an idiot.
I know what to do to lose weight.
It’s now or never.


Until half an hour ago things had been going great this weekend.

We had a lovely, if a little breezy, afternoon with the family on Saturday to wish Rhys and Michela all the best as they go off on 7 months of travelling. We actually stayed out longer than we thought we would and had dinner with Mum and Dad. After we got home we pretty much crashed.

Because we had gone to sleep so early on Saturday, we woke up extra early on Sunday.
05:45 to be precise!! Ridiculous for a Sunday.

Anyway, it was probably for the best as we planned to do some major work on hacking back hedges in the garden, both front and back. It was a very hot but productive day. Keiran, one of Murron’s mates, came to help us with a particularly tricky hedge in the back garden. One that I’m just not strong enough to do on my own and one that would probably kill Ian’s shoulder!!
6 dump runs later and we actually got a lot done.
We can now reverse off of the driveway without killing anyone we can’t see.

We went to bed, early again, but actually managed to stay awake to watch ‘Me Before You’.

This morning, I’ve taken things easy with my morning cuppa and playing on Tumblr and FB.
I’ve just gone to start my Uni work and had to change the ink cartridges in my printer only to discover that the black cartridge is a duffer and won’t work!!!

I have so much printing to do!!
Ian has been sent to get it changed while I try and calm down and work on my essay that I would like to have finished today.

I am bristling.
Don’t think the PMS is helping!!!
The new cartridge had better work or there’s going to be violence!!


It had been a good week up to a couple of hours ago.

Uni on Monday dishing out more assignment briefs.
First placement on Tuesday.
Work in my own workplace on Thursday.
Celebrating a friend’s birthday on Friday.

The plan today was to have a day off and then get some work done on my 1st essay tomorrow but I was getting itchy fingers and decided to have a bit of a catch up with things on my portfolio today.

I got prepped for Uni on Monday and then noticed a communication about my group’s community placements only to find out that all my community placements are in Luton and not Bedford!!

We have all these services in Bedford. They couldn’t organise anything in Bedford for the Bedford students?

Then I started to have a little panic attack as I look at all the assignments that have been thrown at us so far and how much I haven’t done yet.

After my little wobble started to calm down a little I looked at things a bit more logically.

I will be doing a lot of work on my first essay tomorrow. Hopefully the bulk of it will be done and it will then be a case of checking and double checking the referencing.

The other assignments are due at various stages across the rest of the year.
We have simply been given the briefs so we can start to think about them.
I think I will need to spend some time with my Mentor to discuss what direction to take with each of them.

As for the placements. I’m just going to have to put up with them and make sure I claim for every penny I can!!
It’s still going to be a serious pain the bum travelling an extra day to Luton each week though.

So now I have the mother of all headaches!!
Where’s the wine?


When it comes to being a Star Wars fan, patience is a virtue.


Yeah right!!

The wait for the next installment of the current Trilogy, The Last Jedi, is killing us.
It’s been one and a half years since The Force Awakens and whatever patience we had is fast disappearing!!

It is now torture.
We have 7 more months to go.
We have 1 trailer.
We have tidbits of information trickling through that we just don’t know if we can trust or not.

The latest news, and it’s not information specific, is that The Last Jedi is going to have the biggest reveal in Star Wars history!!

I am slowly dying inside.
I need to see this movie.
Having said that, I’m scared to see this movie.


I think we may well lose Hux.
He’s going down in a ball of flames with his ship, I can feel it in my bones.
I just hope he gets more than 3 minutes of screen time in this one before it happens!!

I also want to see Kylo start on his path to redemption but at this stage in the game, it’s still very unclear if that is even on the books.

Right, now I’ve tortured myself enough it’s time to go to work to take my mind off it.


So today was my first ‘placement’ for my Foundation Degree.
It was spent in a nursing home.

Having never worked with adults before, I literally felt like a fish out of water.
I spent my first day on the rehabilitation unit and thankfully, most of my time was spent ‘shadowing’ two very friendly care assistants as they went about their usual routine.

It was an interesting day, to say the least.
At all times, dignity was a priority. What the patient ‘wanted’ was also a priority if it didn’t conflict with what they needed.

I look forward to my next day when I can hopefully get a little more involved.

Tomorrow I plan to do a little work on my 1st essay.
I may nip into town for a little retail therapy. Got a party Friday night and would like something with a little more pizazz!! We’ll see.

Tonight, I plan to finish this bottle of wine and relax.


So it’s been a fairly productive week.

It started off well with Uni on Monday giving me a reassurance that I’m actually going in the right direction with my essay.

I had a study day at work where I managed to get most of my annual required updates completed.

I did a self defence class required for my community placements over the next two years.
That was fun and a bit of an eye opener as to what I could potentially be facing.

Friday was an actual work day and was unusually quiet!!
Typical, one of the first days I didn’t take my Uni file into work. I could have got loads done.
Important lesson learnt!!
Don’t miss an opportunity to get Uni work done. Especially while I’ve got my co-workers for inspiration and advice!!

Saturday was a day off with the hubby and we decided to go to MK for the day.

We started with a movie. Alien: Covenant.
It was actually pretty good even if a little predictable with the final scene.
Michael Fassbender was brilliant….. as usual.

Then we went shopping.
I wanted to look at dresses for my brother’s wedding in Italy in August and I actually found a style I liked. I tried on a couple in my current size and then bought both of them 2 sizes smaller!!!


The challenge is on.
Lots of exercise and being careful what I eat over the next 3 months.
Very doable but going to be a challenge.
(The packet of crisps and bottle of wine I’m treating myself to today is not a good start!!)

After shopping we went out for dinner.
We discovered the restaurant district in MK and were totally spoilt for choice.
Steak houses, bars, French, Italian, Chinese, Carribean, Turkish…..phew!
We eventually decided on a scottish seafood restaurant. Loch Fyne.
MMmmmm…. will definately be going there again.

On the way home we popped into PC World to look at Laptop possibilities for me.
I ended up getting myself a little laptop that is going to come in extremely handy over the next two years.
I just need to learn how to make the most of it.
It’s a cute little ASUS Transformer Mini
So it can be used as a Laptop or a Tablet.

Today got off to a lazy start.
I did a quick trip to Tesco to get a few things.
I’ve worked on this blog and now I am going to spend the entire afternoon working my way through all my notices and bits and pieces on my portfolio and then I’m going to do a little work on my essay.

Assassins Creed and La La Land both come out on Bluray tomorrow…… what a combination!