General diary entries


Today was day number 2 at University.

Today was more talking about how to tackle studies but we also had to go to the main campus to be measured for uniforms!

I still do not have a uniform. They are all being ordered and will come in over the next few weeks.
I still am not officially registered so getting onto the online work site is still not happening although they have given us our first assignment in printouts.

I think we are all feeling a little frustrated at the moment with the lack of preparedness.
I know this has all happened very fast in the grand scheme of things but even so, we are all feeling like we’re on a bit of a catch up already and just want to get things going properly.

That said, I’m getting on great with my own little private cohort of local ladies. I have a feeling there maybe trouble ahead with little gatherings and such. The famillies need to watch out!!

So, tomorrow is a home study day and I have to start thinking about my first essay.
I need to start making a plan and gathering information.
I also need to register for an Athens account and take a look at the wealth of articles available to me and have a look at Google Scholar.

So, all in all, a good day. Just a little frustrating that we’re still not registered!!


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