General diary entries


So I officially started my Nursing Associate Trainee foundation degree today.
To say I was a little worried this morning was an understatement. I didn’t sleep particularly well last night either.

To start with, although I love driving and rocking out in my car, I HATE driving anywhere unfamiliar, particularly in rush hour traffic.
Thankfully my husband got me onto the MAPS ap on my phone and it worked a treat!!
Don’t know why I haven’t used it before.

So, I set off just after 07:15 and was sitting in the car park just after 08:00.
Think I’ll push it to 07:30 tomorrow and see what a difference 15 minutes makes to the traffic.

Don’t think I could have parked any closer!!
What a stunning place and grounds.

Putteridge Bury

Anyway, I soon found some familiar faces turning up and we went and did a little reccie before finding our room waiting for things to start.

We finally got to meet our two main tutors for the course. One of them wasn’t at the meet and greet a few weeks ago and she turns out to be a real character. Going to have a lot of laughs with her I think.

Turns out there’s a chance that official registration won’t be taking place until next week and without that it’s difficult to get any real work done.
With that said, I got lots of info today on Academic Writing.

Writing is the one thing I’m not really worried about although referencing is a completely foreign concept to me and I need to remember to do it as I go along and not try cramming it all in at the end.

When we found out our first essay is going to be 1500 words I was happilly surprised.
Over the last year I have found myself regularly writing between 1200 and 2200 words in fanfiction stories. I even have some bigger pieces of 11000 and 14000 words!!
My biggest issue is going to be the referencing and writing more formally.

Anyway, tomorrow will see us discussing similar subjects to get us into the studying mindset and we will be splitting into 2 groups to skip into the main Luton Campus and get fitted for our uniforms.
We will be getting some ‘old school’ printouts of work to be getting on with at home on Wednesday!
So a breather day and a chance to take it all in.

So, everything is falling into place and I just need to keep the ball rolling and keep on top of things and not leave it all to the last minute.

I feel much more relaxed now!!
Although that could have something to do with the rather large glass of Pinot I’ve just downed.

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