General diary entries


I’ve been feeling like I needed a break over the last few weeks.
Then I realised I haven’t got any annual leave planned until the middle of August.
As I start Uni on the 24th I thought that next week would be a good time and work have been good enought to let me have some last minute annual leave.

It’s off to a good start.
Yesterday we FINALLY got our first look at The Last Jedi when the teaser trailer and the poster were released at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.

OMG!! The scar…the smashed helmet…the anger in Kylo’s eyes.

The poster is also stunning.
Clever use of the Jedi symbol but ominously changing from blue to red!! and the awe struck look on Kylo’s face that we saw at the end of TFA but deliberately keeping the full scar hidden for a film reveal. This will soon be a new feature in one of our frames in the living room.

Last Jedi

So, now that’s out of my system I can relax and enjoy a family wedding that I will be leaving for in about 20 minutes.

Tomorrow I will be chillaxing and cooking a beef roast dinner for the first time in I can’t remember how long.

Then the rest of the week will be gutting the house from top to bottom and tackling the gardens for the first time this year. I need to get them under control now before I start Uni. I doubt I’ll have much time after that.

So, not so relaxing but a change of pace!!

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