Month: April 2017


It’s been a tentative Uni start this week.
Doubts and worries have been getting the best of not only myself, but my colleagues as well.
That said, when I sit down and think about it, we’ve only just started. Very few of us have done anything academic in years. Referencing is a very new concept to everyone and turns everything we thought we knew about writing and researching on it’s head.
This first assignment is designed to get us into the right frame of mind to tackle University standard writing. It’s designed for us to make mistakes and learn from it.

BUT….I have a plan!!
Not a cunning one, an actual one!!

I’ve actually decided on the theme of my essay.
I have worked out what information needs to go into my essay to get to my conclusion.
I am now researching documents to pull the tidbits of information I need to backup what I want to say.
Then I need to actually write the essay being concise and making sure I don’t go overboard so that my conclusion stays within the 1500 word parameter.

You know what?
I’m going to stop worrying about it all.
I’m going to take it as it comes.
I’m going to keep on top of things.
I am going to succeed.



Today was supposed to be a ‘let’s get started on this first assignment day’
It’s turned out to be a bit of a procrastination day.

It’s not all been doom and gloom though.
I have managed to sign up to an Athens account and take a quick look at what’s available.
I’ve taken a look at Google Scholar and what that has to offer.
I think I’ve come up with a decision for my first essay but will need to have a chat with the girls at work tomorrow and get some more ideas.
Then I looked at what’s expected from the essay when it comes to layout and referencing etc and had a minor break down.

I’ve had contact today from one of our course co-ordinators who have informed me that I need to go for some breakaway training in a couple of weeks.

Seems I need to learn how to defend myself before going on some of my placements which is a little bit worrying to be honest!
The most I’ve had to deal with before is a kiddie tantrum and the odd kick or scratch.

Anyway, my head hurts. I have to be up at 05:30 for work tomorrow. I’m going to bed.


Today was day number 2 at University.

Today was more talking about how to tackle studies but we also had to go to the main campus to be measured for uniforms!

I still do not have a uniform. They are all being ordered and will come in over the next few weeks.
I still am not officially registered so getting onto the online work site is still not happening although they have given us our first assignment in printouts.

I think we are all feeling a little frustrated at the moment with the lack of preparedness.
I know this has all happened very fast in the grand scheme of things but even so, we are all feeling like we’re on a bit of a catch up already and just want to get things going properly.

That said, I’m getting on great with my own little private cohort of local ladies. I have a feeling there maybe trouble ahead with little gatherings and such. The famillies need to watch out!!

So, tomorrow is a home study day and I have to start thinking about my first essay.
I need to start making a plan and gathering information.
I also need to register for an Athens account and take a look at the wealth of articles available to me and have a look at Google Scholar.

So, all in all, a good day. Just a little frustrating that we’re still not registered!!



So, I’m sat here at my computer this morning a lot more relaxed than I was yesterday.
I’m actually looking forward to my drive into Uni today. I’ll be able to rock out a little more now I know where I’m going.
I’m also looking forward to getting to know my Cohort buddies a little more.
Familiar faces I say Hi to around the hospital all the time that now actually have names!

Anyway, the reason for this post…..

Whilst enjoying my morning cuppa I thought I’d check out IMDB and see what my boys are up to.
I haven’t done it in a while and little projects have a tendancy to sneek in unnoticed.

As I looked at Domhnall’s IMDB it occurred to me that he has 6 films slated for release this year! and one (so far) for next year.
Most are in post production, one is marked as complete and one is still filming.
Whilst all of this has been happening he’s also guest appeared in the TV series Catastrophe!!

Has the man had any breathing time this year?!!


So I officially started my Nursing Associate Trainee foundation degree today.
To say I was a little worried this morning was an understatement. I didn’t sleep particularly well last night either.

To start with, although I love driving and rocking out in my car, I HATE driving anywhere unfamiliar, particularly in rush hour traffic.
Thankfully my husband got me onto the MAPS ap on my phone and it worked a treat!!
Don’t know why I haven’t used it before.

So, I set off just after 07:15 and was sitting in the car park just after 08:00.
Think I’ll push it to 07:30 tomorrow and see what a difference 15 minutes makes to the traffic.

Don’t think I could have parked any closer!!
What a stunning place and grounds.

Putteridge Bury

Anyway, I soon found some familiar faces turning up and we went and did a little reccie before finding our room waiting for things to start.

We finally got to meet our two main tutors for the course. One of them wasn’t at the meet and greet a few weeks ago and she turns out to be a real character. Going to have a lot of laughs with her I think.

Turns out there’s a chance that official registration won’t be taking place until next week and without that it’s difficult to get any real work done.
With that said, I got lots of info today on Academic Writing.

Writing is the one thing I’m not really worried about although referencing is a completely foreign concept to me and I need to remember to do it as I go along and not try cramming it all in at the end.

When we found out our first essay is going to be 1500 words I was happilly surprised.
Over the last year I have found myself regularly writing between 1200 and 2200 words in fanfiction stories. I even have some bigger pieces of 11000 and 14000 words!!
My biggest issue is going to be the referencing and writing more formally.

Anyway, tomorrow will see us discussing similar subjects to get us into the studying mindset and we will be splitting into 2 groups to skip into the main Luton Campus and get fitted for our uniforms.
We will be getting some ‘old school’ printouts of work to be getting on with at home on Wednesday!
So a breather day and a chance to take it all in.

So, everything is falling into place and I just need to keep the ball rolling and keep on top of things and not leave it all to the last minute.

I feel much more relaxed now!!
Although that could have something to do with the rather large glass of Pinot I’ve just downed.


So I only have one day left before my life changes quite dramatically.

My last 12.5 hour shift as a Family Care Assistant is on Sunday followed by 3 full days at UNI and then my first 12.5 hour shift as a NAT!! A Nursing Associate Trainee.

It’s going to be an intense couple of weeks with a lot of long days bunched pretty close together but it will be followed by a couple of quieter weeks to breath again.

The more I think about starting UNI on Monday, the more I get butterflies in my tummy and I can feel my little angels and demons sitting on my shoulders. One keeps saying “ARE YOU CRAZY!!” and the other keeps saying “CHILL!! YOU’LL BE FINE!!”
I think I just need to get going now.

Anyway, I managed to get a bit of gardening done this week. Not as much as I’d like but it’s a start.

To take my mind off of UNI today I decided to clear out my wardrobe. Take a good look at what I have and what I can get rid of.
I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that a good chunk of my clothes are actually too big for me now!!
I didn’t think I’d lost that much weight but my clothes are telling me otherwise, so I bundled them up and popped them onto schpock. I need to make a little money to get some new clothes for Italy!!

However, I have a dilema.

I don’t want to buy anything because I plan to lose more weight but if I leave it to the last minute, there won’t be any summer clothes in the shops.
Do I buy some things I like but a couple of sizes smaller or do I wait?!

Just something else for me to worry about but in the grand scheme of things to worry about, it’s actually pretty small compared to what other people have to worry about.

2 years will fly by.
I plan to have one hell of a 50 birthday party in 2019!!


It will come as no surprise to anyone that I am a HUGE Star Wars fan.

The Force Awakens was a breath of life into a fandom that has never truly died.
Since 1977 Star Wars has been a part of me. Han Solo was always my hero. Princess Leia was my heroine who showed me that I didn’t actually need a man to stand up for myself.

The fandom may have gone quiet for a few years and the prequels (although not bad) didn’t quite hit the mark but┬áChristmas 2015 was the turning point.
Fandom got a slap in the face, was told to wake up and smell the roses. Star Wars was back and is set to be an even bigger part of our lives for the foreseable future.

We all had an Awakening. For me, in more ways than one.

With the Force Awakens came an obsession that has only gone from strength to strength over the last year and a half.
Kylo Ren…… or more precisely….. Adam Driver.

The more I found out about him, the more I watched him in things, the more I fell in love with him.
He’s amazing. There simply is no other word for him.

Such a humble and giving man and I continue to love him from the ears that are fighting for dominance on his head right down to his big feet!

The reason for this post is to apologise in advance for the spewing forth of everything Adam related over the next few months.

This past weekend saw the release of the teaser trailer for The Last Jedi that is due this December.
We finally got a glimpse of what Kylo’s scar is going to look like.

The Kylo snippets from the teaser were so tantalisingly quick it was frustrating.

So it’s now official, It’s out of the starting gate and all the hype leading up to the actual movie has officially started. There will be one, if not two more full trailers coming over the next few months followed by the press tours which mean a lot of new photos and interviews to enjoy!!


Adam also has another film due around the end of August.
Logan Lucky with Daniel Craig. In which, two brothers played by Adam Driver and Channing Tatum, attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina.


Adam Driver, Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, Sebastian Stan and even Domhnall Gleeson’s little brother Brian Gleeson… all in one movie.

I’m hoping a trailer will be dropping for this one very soon!!
Along with interviews and press tour and photos.

So my apologies (although I’m not actually sorry) are for not shutting up about Adam for the foreseable future.
I will be posting interview snippets and every photo I can lay my hands on alongside trailers and film clips.

BRING…. IT…. ON!!!

And just so I can hopefully convert some of you to the god that is Adam, I also want to leave this here for you to look at.
This is what makes adam so special.
Forget Star Wars.
This is Adam’s first love. His charity, Arts in the Armed Forces.
His short lived experience as a Marine was their loss but our gain!!