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Yoann Lemoine


A name that should be more widely known, but in my small world, if asked, most people would say they didn’t know who he was.


Woodkid 2

Another name that should also be more widely known and maybe a few people would know who you were talking about if you asked them.

Certainly, if you played some music by Woodkid, people would light up and realise that they’ve ‘heard’ some of his music at least.

He came to my attention completely by accident after I watched a video on Youtube.

I have mentioned the video before. It features a male belly dancer called Horus Mozarabe. If you wait until the 2:30 mark, there is a change in the music and it is a piece called ‘I Love You’ by Woodkid. I immediately fell in love with it.

I thought this was my first encounter with Woodkid, until I started looking into his back catalogue and realised that he also did ‘Run Boy Run’ for the Divergent movies.

Now my interest was well and truly piqued.

I did the usual and Googled and Wikied the guy and found out more than I expected.
The guy is extremely talented.

Yoann Lemoine was born in 1983 in France. He is a music video director, graphic designer and singer-songwriter. His most notable works include his music video direction for Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”, Taylor Swift’s single “Back to December”, Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” and Mystery Jets’ “Dreaming of Another World”.

Lemoine is also a neofolk musician, going by the stage name Woodkid. On March 28, 2011, Woodkid released his first EP, Iron, and on March 18, 2013, he released his first album titled The Golden Age, which is an autobiographical record.

He studied illustration and animation at the Emile Cohl School, where he completed his diploma with honors. He then left for the UK to follow a silk screen printing process course at Swindon College.

He joined Luc Besson’s crew and worked on the project Arthur and the Invisibles for a year. In 2006 Yoann directed a series of roughs for Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.

In June 2010, he received 5 Lions for his AIDS Awareness campaign Graffiti at the Cannes Lions Advertising festival. A very clever, very funny video with a serious message.

In 2012, Lemoine received the award for Best Director of the Year at the MVPA Awards in Los Angeles and was nominated for 6 MTV Video Music awards for his videos for Lana Del Rey, Drake, and Rihanna.

However, it is his own video’s and live shows that really grabbed my attention.

I look forward to keeping up with his work in the future.
His imagery is amazing and his music is striking.

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