General diary entries


I can’t believe this just happened.

Hubby bought me tickets for ‘Space Spectacular’ at the Royal Albert hall in June.

The Royal Alber Hall website describes the event as…..

Music from deep space and beyond

A voyage through a galaxy of favourite music from deep space and beyond, with lights, lasers and indoor fireworks.

Space Spectacular will feature works by Holst, Strauss and John Williams – perhaps the greatest film composer of all time and winner of over 40 prestigious awards, including five Academy Awards. Over the decades their music has accompanied us on epic adventures, told us stirring tales, and taken us on many emotional journeys.

Iconic pieces have even transported us back to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, often painting a full picture before the actors even say a word!

JOHN WILLIAMS Star Wars • Superman • E.T. • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
HOLST Mars and Jupiter from The Planets

Plus: Star Trek • Battlestar Galactica • Thunderbirds

… and new music for 2017:
DAVID ARNOLD: Independence Day

The bit that caught my attention was of course ‘Star Wars’!!
The thought of hearing John Williams scores performed live is mind boggling.

To be honest, everything on the list sounds amazing.
The Battlestar Galactica theme is amazing.
The Planets by Holst has always been a favourite.
Of course Thunderbirds is an iconic piece of music.

If they play ‘Duel of Fates’ from Star Wars, I will literally wet myself!!

I can’t wait!

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