General diary entries


Ok, this is new for this blog.
Photo of the week.

I intend it to be a regular thing, as the title suggests it should be weekly, but I’m a bit of a scatter brain so I’ll probably forget and just do it as I remember to do it.

I am so pleased to post this photo as my first photo of the week.

Colton Haynes

A HUGE congratulations to Colton Haynes and his new fiance Jeff Leatham.
He is a stunning looking actor who hit my radar when he appeared in Green Arrow.

Colton Haynes 2

I had absolutely no idea he was gay and quite frankly this revelation has only taken him from hot to smouldering.
They make an amazingly hot couple and I’m so happy for them.

The fact that they have been courageous enough to be so open about their relationship from the start is inspiring and with the way things are in America at the moment, I think it is also much needed.

I hope they continue to inspire and I wish them all the best for their future together.




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