General diary entries


So, don’t ask me why but for the last three days all I’ve done is eat and drink….alcohol!!

I know for a fact I can’t be pregnant so what is it?!

I think maybe it could be a stress release.
I worry all the time about Murron. What she’s doing (or not) with her life.
I worry about Dharma and her tummy problems and joint pains and all the time she has off school.
I worry about Ian and his psoriatic arthritis and the amount of pain he’s in all the time.
Marjorie is the only one I’m not really worried about at the moment.

Then there’s me.
Definately going through a bit of a mid life crisis at the moment. Trying to recapture my youth.
I’ve got my brother’s wedding to look forward to in Italy in August and I want to lose some weight for that.
The last few weeks I’ve taken a big step forward with my career and applied for a Nurse Associate position. On Thursday I found out that I have successfully got a place. That means that from 1st of April I am officially a University student!!


So! After a long shift at work on Friday I had three days off and I think I just went into f##k it mode.

It started with a chinese on Friday evening and hasn’t stopped. I’ve stuffed my face with anything I wanted and enjoyed a couple of bottles of wine……ok and the odd JD and coke!!
I binge watched and got completely hooked on Sense8 and I’ve read a little fan-fiction.

I seriously need to get it out of my system today.
I have to get back on track with the diet. August will be here before I know it.

It’s a pretty good week this week. I’m only working Tuesday and Wednesday and then I’m off until Monday next week.
Perfect time to think about dragging my backside out for some exercise and get my mind on Italy.

So for today, I have a lamb stew to finish, a partial bottle of Pinot to finish and few crispy nibbles and Dr Strange on Bluray.

Time to chill.

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