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So I got a new app on my phone this morning.
I found out about it when I watched Riyadh’s new video on Youtube last night.

The app was sponsoring Riyadh’s video and it sounded really interesting.
It sounded like a nice way to meet new people and make new friends.
The bit that got me hooked was the fact that you can see people nearby and, like Riyadh says in the video, if you’re going to be travelling alone, you can put the place you’re visitng into the app and see who’s nearby so you can find people, chat and make friends before you arrive.

Mmm, I thought.
Italy in the summer. I would love to have some friends who know the area and would take me exploring and get to know the real Italy.

So, being completely naive I thought, why not!

What I didn’t take into consideration, and what Riyadh failed to mention, is the fact that it is primarily a dating app!

It has given me a little confidence boost however.
I have been very clear in my profile that I have a partner and kids and that I’m looking to just ‘make friends’ with both guys and girls and in the last half hour alone I have had 13 likes, 15 visits to my profile, all men I might add, and I have also had 2 messages. 1 guy, 1 girl.

I am not responding to anything just yet.
I’m not really interested in meeting people locally but it’s nice to get the attention!!

The question now is, am I brave enough to actually try it and see what kind of people are out there?
Are there people who just want to make new friends or are they all out there looking for something more?

Whatever, it’s given me a real giggle this morning.


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