General diary entries


So it’s been an eventful couple of weeks with a HUGE but scary decision thrown into the mix.

We celebrated my Dad’s 70th birthday last weekend by surprising him with a party at a local village hall. We used my Auntie’s 40th wedding anniversary as a ruse.
It worked beautifully.

My youngest daughter, Dharma, and a friend took it upon themselves to do a sponsored 10 mile walk in aid of the ‘Riverbank Sensory Garden Project’.
The little garden on the children’s ward where I work is in need of a complete refurbishment and they are currently trying to raise £30,000 to do it.

Dharma and Reece.jpg

My daughter and her friend have raised over £600 so far!!
They did amazingly well on their walk that they completed in just under 5 hours on Wednesday in the cold and the rain.
They are now collecting their sponsor money and their crowdfunding page still has another 25 days to go.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the project, you can take a look at the Facebook page at

If you would like to help Dharma raise a little bit more, then her crowdfunding page is at

Speaking of work, a HUGE decision has been made.
There is an opportunity for me to take on some training. 2 years at foundation degree level, that will take me out of the Health Care Assistant role and land me in the Nurse Associate role!
It will mean on the job training in my current work place with a day out at Uni each weak and some placements in other areas.
The thought of it is absolutely terrifying!
I have an assessment on 23rd and an interview on 28th and if I get offered a position, I will start on April 1st!

I was never very academic at school and went to a Graphic Design College. It then took another 25 years to do any studying when I did an NVQ to back up the work I currently do. That was tough but I got into the swing of it eventually so I’m hoping that this will go the same way.
I just need to get through the assessment and inteview.

Fingers crossed.

So, back to today.
I’ve literally just finished watching all 5 seasons of Queer As Folk for the second time!!
I can honestly say I absolutely love the show. It just doesn’t get boring.
Eye candy galore, hot as hell and it makes me giggle.


Give it a couple of months and I may just start it all over again.
Could be my way to de-stress if I do this Nurse Associate training!

Ian is home early and we are going to the cinema!!
We are going to see ‘Hidden Figures’ based on the true story of a team of African-American women mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the US space program.
I’m really looking forward to this one.

That will make 8 out of the 9 Oscar nominated movies that we’ve seen. Hopefully we’ll be making it a full house tomorrow with a little trip to MK to see ‘Fences’.

Tonight will be an early night. Movie, Jack and Coke and nibbles with snuggles.

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