General diary entries


OK, so this afternoon we took the opportunity to go and see ‘Manchester by the Sea’
All I can say is, how dull and depressing can a film get?
It was slow and depressing and apart from a couple of small moments of humour with the nephew trying to get his leg over, it simply did nothing for me.
It got to the end and my reaction was “really? you’re leaving it there?”

So that makes 5 out of the 9 Oscar nominated movies we’ve seen so far.
We are watching another one tonight, Hell or High Water, that we purchased on DVD on the way home from the cinema.

The last 3 we should get to see before the awards ceremony.
Fences with Denzel Washington is released on Feb 10th and Moonlight and Hidden Figures are release on Feb 17th just over a week before the awards.

I am really looking forward to Hidden Figures. It appeals to me on so many levels.
Story, humour, cast, true story, space race!
Fences looks like it could be an interesting emotional drama but I am a little unsure about Moonlight. We’ll just have to wait and see.

This will be the first time that I will have, hopefully, seen all the nominated movies before the awards ceremony. I will be able to give an honest opinion and prediction on all the nominated features.
For now, my favourite so far has been ‘Hacksaw Ridge’

When it comes to the actors, my own opinion still stands with Andrew Garfield until I see any of the remaining films.
When it comes to actresses, the only one I’ve see so far is Emma Stone and I wasn’t that impressed with La La land.

Anyway, back to tonight. In the middle of 4 days off and catching up with some movies.
I’ve only watched 17 films so far this year, so I am 8 films behind my 1 a day target.
Having said that, we’ve been to the cinema 6 times, so it’s a good start with the Unlimited cinema cards.

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