General diary entries


I still can’t believe that ‘that’ moron has made it to the Whitehouse.

I stayed away from the news yesterday, I refused to watch that idiot get even more attention.

Of course, I speak as a Non-American who has only observed this man through the media but I cannot for the life of me, understand how anyone would want him running their country.
He’s an absolute DICK!!

Of course, now that he has officially been sworn in, the changes have started already. has removed several pages from it’s website.
Climate change and Healthcare have been removed but most alarmingly so have the Civil Rights and LGBT pages.

This does not bode well.
With any luck, the LGBT community will just be left as it is and left alone during DT’s Presidency with nothing to worry about and then progress can continue with the next government.
However, after seeing the immediate backlash when he won back in November, I have an uneasy feeling that things are going to take a bit of a nose dive for that community and my heart is breaking.

Gay rights and Civil Rights could be set back 20 years with this government and it’s making me so angry and I don’t even live there!!!

I’m just hoping that our ‘Female’ Prime Minister has the guts to stand up to this monstrosity of a man.

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