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Yesterday, Snickers made an announcement.
They have chosen the next actor to appear in their ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungy’ campaign.
As I’m blogging about it, it will come as no surprise that they have named Adam Driver!!

The advert will air during the Superbowl in February and the mind boggles at what form it will take.
Here in the UK we are familiar with the Joan Collins and the Mr Bean adverts and I am wondering if they will use Adam’s Star Wars alter ego having one of his tantrum’s, assuming they get permission to use it.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, back to today.
I had an appointment with my physio this morning and things are going great… at last.
The pain in my knee haas all but gone and the only issue I really have now is climbing stairs when I’m tired.
He’s given me the go ahead to start my walking again which in turn will help me lose weight and just make the knee get stronger.
If I have no issue over the next six weeks and he doesn’t hear from me, he’ll sign me off.

I have no excuses to get this diet back on track!!

I spent an hour soaking in the bath this afternoon and while I was laying there I had the rumblings of an idea for my next fan-fiction!
I think I may spend the next hour or two getting some ideas down before I have to go out to see Marjorie graduate from her National Citizen Service.

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