General diary entries


So today has been a pretty good day…. apart from having to spend £250 on new glasses.
I was a year overdue for a checkup and I definately needed new glasses!!
I’ve also set myself up for an appointment to trial contacts. I’ve never had them before and I quite like the idea of not having glasses all the time. Time will tell. Just have to see how I get on in the trial.

Anyway, my head is not spinning quite so much today. In fact I haven’t felt the need for the travel sickness pills today! I still get a little dizzy occasionally but the motion sickness has definately subsided.

I ventured into town with Mum for my eye test and while I was there I wanted to try some jeans on.
My current jeans have been feeling a little loose and I’ve been relying on a belt to hold them up so I tried on a smaller size and….. THEY FIT!!!

So that has been a bit of a confidence boost.
Most of the junk has now been depleted from Xmas and although I didn’t put weight on, I didn’t lose any either. Time to crack the whip and get into shape for Bro’s wedding in August.
Ideally another three sizes to go.
Four would be a bonus and a miracle.

Right, time to put the feet up and watch a film.

The Shallows.
Just picked it up in Tesco.
One that I didn’t get to see at the cinema last year.

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