General diary entries


So, not feeling quite so dizzy today. It seems to be easing off a little.
I can’t help rolling my eyes at the irony that I’m taking bucket loads of travel sickness pills and I’m not going anywhere!!

Anyway, I totally crashed this afternoon. Fell asleep on the sofa and I’m still feeling tired.
Ian is coming home late tonight as he’s going to play X-wing after work.
Think I may just get some nibbles grab my Queer as Folk box set and head off to bed.

I will be venturing out of the house for an hour tomorrow.
I’m popping into town with Mum. I have an appointment to get my eyes tested.
I am nearly 2 years over due and I’ve been noticing a strain when I’m reading.
I’m seriously considering trying contacts.

We’ll see.

Categories: General diary entries

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