General diary entries


OK, so just over one week into the new year and I’ve hit my first hiccup.

I just got sent home from work because it looks like I may have a case of labyrinthitis.
I’ve had a pretty mild cold for the last week compared to most family and friends that have had it. Unfortunately it seems to have preferred my ears.
I was feeling incredibly dizzy and it was making me feel sea sick.

So, I packed myself up and headed for the local walk in centre only to be confronted with a 2.5 – 3 hour wait!!

ERRRM, no thank you. Not when I feel like this.

So my hubby popped into the Tesco pharmacy for me and got some advice from the pharmacist who recommended  some ‘Stugeron’. It’s a travel sickness tablet that contains Cinnarizine.
I was told to see how I get on with it or go back to the GP.


Afternoon laying on the sofa with the curtains closed and the lights out.
Maybe a couple of movies.

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