General diary entries


2017 is off to a good start and, much to my delight, has been thoroughly swamped with all things Adam Driver.

He’s currently on what seems to be a relentless round of interviews and photo shoots and appearances to promote both ‘Silence’ and ‘Paterson’.

I saw Paterson twice last year (one with a Q&A with Adam!!) and am eagerly awaiting for it to arrive on Bluray.
It’s a wonderful film which is so difficult to explain to people and make it sound like a film they really should go and see!
Very down to earth, simple, funny, quirkly. Not a single special effect in sight. Just some amazing acting and a beautiful story.

I saw ‘Silence’ on new years day. To kick off my new year right.
This is a powerful film. Quite difficult to watch in places. Will rip your heart out.
If this doesn’t win some Oscars, I’ll…….. give up Star Wars forever!!!

I won’t really, but it’s the thought that counts!

I’ve just watched a new interview with Adam on the Stephen Colbert show.
He was on the same show at the same time last year, just after the release of Force Awakens and I’m happy to say, Adam looks like he’s finally getting the hang of things.
Last year he was so uncomfortable in his own skin. Couldn’t accept that people loved him one little bit.
This year, he’s a changed man. So much more confident, still a little uncomfortable around the edges but much more willing to participate in conversation and have a little fun.

The best thing about promotion times though are all the new photos!!

Checking in on Adams IMDB page there is a new addition for 2018 in pre-production.
Not ‘Tough As They Come’ which is still in the air but a film called ‘Annette’

IMDB states….
The film is about a stand-up comedian whose opera singer wife is deceased. He finds himself alone with his 2 year old daughter who has a surprising gift.

Adam with a toddler!!! Be still my beating heart.

All this and it’s only January 6th.
Apart from a little cold that has settled in my ears making me a little dizzy, 2017 has started very well.

I hope it remains like this.
I’m not asking for an exciting year. I just want a year where nothing goes wrong and we keep our heads above water for a change.
I would like to get to the end of the year and actually wish is wouldn’t end for a change.

So, let’s keep positive.

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