General diary entries


Even though I had to work an early shift, Xmas day was still lovely.

I got home to a huge glass of wine handed to me on the doorstep and barely had a chance to sit down before everyone started ripping into their presents.

I spotted a bit of theme with the gifts from my kids.


The Doodles book is going to be lots of fun. You can’t do anything but giggle uncontrollably when wearing the Chewie mask and the Kylo Pop head is actually kinda cute and is currently bopping away nicely on my speaker onlong with his masked counterpart bobble head!

I’ve been awake since 8 am today and it’s been a couple of hours now and the kids are only just beginning to show their faces.
The house smells wonderful. I’ve got turkey soup brewing on the hob.
It’s going to be a complete chillout day.

Feeling a bit nostalgic today after the news of George Michael’s passing.
Spent a little time flicking through some of his work before trawling through some other old favourite albums.
Currently listening to ‘Architecture and Morality’ by OMD.

Come on 2016, there’s only a few days left. Don’t take anyone else!

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