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So today has been a mixed barrel.

I started early with a fried breakfast cooked for me by my hubster before I set off for an early shift at work.
You can’t work in a hospital and not expect to work the odd Xmas Day!!
I work on a childrens’s ward too so the obligatory visit from Santa helps to make the morning more enjoyable.

I got home mid afternoon to a lovely Christmas dinner that had been prepared by me but cooked by my Mother.
We followed dinner with a game of Cards Against Humanity.
I don’t think Grandad was impressed and I don’t think Nanny ‘got’ it to be honest.
We had a really good laugh.

Anyway, Everyone has now collapsed.
Mum and Dad have gone home. Murron and Marjorie are snoring on the sofas. Ian has gone to bed.

I however, have just found an interview Adam Driver gave CBS that was aired this morning.
I’ve managed to get some interesting new stills of him in his youth and as a marine.

However, they also showed some more footage from ‘Silence’ that really shows the effect of the weight loss he sustained for the part.
I literally could cry.
He looks so gaunt.

The film is out at the beginning of January and it is being hotly tipped for Oscars!!

Right, I need a cuddle. Time for bed.

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