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Just when I was beginning to get a little festive we wake up to the news that ‘our princess’ Carrie Fisher, is in intensive care after suffering a heart attack on a London to LA flight.
She had the attack 15 minutes before landing and luckily there was a medic and nurses on board to administer CPR. She was still receiving CPR after landing!
She is now being looked after at an LA hospital and it is still a little touch and go as to whether or not she’ll recover.

Now….. trying to get a little festive again.

Let’s talk about the Christmas number one.

Rockabye by Clean Bandit…… REALLY???!

I’m sorry but this is not ringing my bells. Not my kind of music at all.
The Christmas number two however is AMAZING!!!

Human by Rag’N’Bone Man.

I caught onto this one fairly late because I don’t listen to the radio very often but when I caught it a couple of weeks ago I fell in love with it.
So annoyed it didn’t make number one.

I had a few giggles yesterday keeping up with Riyadh on Snapchat.
Poor lad was trying to get home to Dublin for Xmas but his flight was initially delayed before being diverted to Shannon because of ‘hurricane Barbara’ and then he had to take an excruciating bus ride from Shannon to Dublin.

It was amusing watching him getting all festive at the airport and then slowly getting more and more frustrated.
He made friends on the flight and kept a smile on his face.
When he finally made it home there was a quick hello to his Mum and Dad and then he barged his way through the house to ‘see the tree’!!
The last I saw of him, he was looking very chilled, laying on a sofa watching ‘Nigella’.

He’s had an amazing year and I think 2017 is only going to be even better for him.

Right, today is final prep day.
Bit of tidying, bit of defrosting, bit of chillin, prep the vegetables and turkey, lay the table and then put my feet up and get ready for an early shift at work in the morning.


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