General diary entries


OK, so less than a week to go before Rogue One!!

There is a lot of speculation that we might…. just might… get our first glimpse of a trailer or teaser for Star Wars EpVIII at Rogue One screenings.
This would mean a reveal of the actual title which is still under wraps.


It would appear that Lucasfilm has submitted a sneeky trademark filing this week.
The filing includes a multitude of items like the usual toys and clothing but also for things like Christmas ornaments and motion picture films and considering the next Episode is due for release Christmas 2017, this is a very promising clue.

The filing is for “Star Wars Forces of Destiny”

Now this is quite possibly a movie title but it also sounds like the title for a new game.
Could go either way.

It also begs the question, with Rogue One less than a week away, is this filing just a little too close to give us a trailer for EpVIII?

God I love being a Geek!!!

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