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So after a fabulous day yesterday, I have come crashing down today.

This pot is being written on my smartphone as we have lost our TV and broadband service and they can’t  get an engineer to us until next f@$#ING Friday!

Great. Another week of annual leave and the only Internet access I have is through my phone. I have lost TV altogether.

The day started with the realisation that some little shit has egged our garage door. I still haven’t been able to face that mess.

I was dragged into town by two of the kids who wanted to do some Xmas shopping. I spent 2 hours freezing my butt off in a town that has become so dismal it’s painful. 

Meet the nazi saluting penguin covered in fairy lights.

Bedford has an incredibly beautiful river but an equally incredibly awful town centre. The Xmas lights are dreary and depressing. No-one walks around Bedford with a smile and the trip has succeeded in giving me a depression headache. Husband tried to cheer me up by continuing our shopping elsewhere without the kids but to no avail. 

So! I’m going to grab a handful of DVD’S and have an early night.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I have the Xmas party for our regular little patients at work that I promised to help out at. Hopefully it will succeed in injecting me with some Xmas cheer.

I can only hope.

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