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So, a planned quiet evening turned out to be quite the opposite!

Ian had been away Thursday night for work. He drove up North for some sort of meeting, stayed overnight and drove back yesterday afternoon.
Travelling like that is pretty hard for him with his Psoriatic Arthritis so a quiet evening curled up in front of the TV was the original plan.

Then I got a message from Murron, daughter number one.

Apparantly CC Smugglers where having a surprise appearance at Esquires in town as a warm up to a gig they are doing at the O2 today!
I got to see them at Esquires a few months ago and absolutely loved them so the chance to see them again at an even more intimate venue was too much to resist.


They were even better this time!
Their style is catchy, bouncy and lots of fun! You can’t help dancing.
They made my night when they played ‘Rhythm’. My favourite track and a song that I’m absolutely addicted to at the moment.

And I got to meet the band and tell them exactly how terrific they are!


I must remember not to wear a hoody and a jacket next time. I was boiling and I look like a tomato!!

Fab night and I really hope things go well for them in the future.

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