General diary entries


What a week it’s been!

This time last week I was getting on a train and heading to London to a preview screening of ‘Paterson’ and then see Adam Driver in a Q+A afterwards.
It was an absolutely amazing day and I can’t praise the film enough.

The difficulty with trying to explain the film to others though is the fact that the basic story line sounds so dull!!
A bus driver called Paterson from Paterson , New Jersey, drives a bus all week and writes poetry in his spare time.

How do you make that sound interesting enough to make people go and see it?
You can’t!!
The trailer doesn’t do it any justice either.

All I can say is that it is an absolute gem of a movie.
If you want to get as far away from the ‘in your face blockbusters’ as you can, then this movie is the one for you.
Simple, beautiful, funny, sad.
Released 25th November.

Then come back and tell me what you think.

Anyway, the week then took a bit of a nose dive.

The American election.
I can’t believe that ‘that man’ (I will not use his name on my blog) has won.
It is shocking to me, that the ‘majority’ of Americans who believe in ‘family values’ have quite happily voted for a sexual predator to run their country.

This means the ‘majority’ of Americans would quite happily overturn the right for loving same sex couples to marry.
POC’s aren’t thought of as citizens, even if they were born in the US.
Women are thought of as merely play things for men.
Anyone from the queer community are at risk from losing any rights they have fought so hard for.

It is a frighteningly sad day in history.

Let’s face it. The new first lady is a trophy wife.
‘That man’ wants to get rid of immigrants?
He should start with his wife, who is a foreigner who can barely speak English!!
He’s so two faced it’s untrue.

To top it off, I can’t look or listen to the man without wanting to vomit.


In a bit of a debate with my husband the other night about it all, I said that hate crime would sky rocket in the next 4 years and then just 24 hours later I see some of the most disturbing posts on Tumblr I have ever seen. Just 24 hours after the announcement of his victory and the hate has already started. His victory has emboldened the misogynistic racist bigots of the country.
I was sat at work in a break and literally wanted to cry.

No doubt I will get a few rants in about him over the next few years…. if someone doesn’t assassinate him first. (We can but hope)
In which case I’ll be having a party.

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